Your Email Makes You Look Dodgy

This would be the perfect native content post if I had a client paying me to write about web domains and email hosting.

Since this isn’t a sponsored post, I won’t name names!

Remember when the internet first became a thing, everyone had a Hotmail email address?

Depending on how young you were when you created the account, you probably upgraded to an adult version when you started applying for jobs out of high school.

Then in the mid- to late-2000s, everyone migrated from Hotmail to Gmail and that’s where everyone has stayed. Now anyone who still uses a Hotmail address cops a set of high-eyebrows and they’re seen as old-fashioned.

That’s at a personal level. What about at a business level?

Today I saw a Facebook post from one of my contacts that read something along the lines of:

“There’s a position open at [small business name].

If you’re a qualified [title of position] email”.

You can probably see where I’m heading with this.

First of all, it’s a Hotmail address. See above.

Second, if it’s a business, why wouldn’t you get an email address that connects to your website? I have and I have connected an email address to it. When you contact me through this site, you connect with my email, not my personal Gmail. Free email hosting like Gmail or Hotmail makes your business look cheap, like you don’t take your business seriously.

Let’s weigh up the costs.

Email hosting will set you back around 5-10 dollars a month (depending on who you go with, how many addresses you buy and if there are sales on – you’ll have to do your own research).

Let’s say it costs $100 per year. It’s a tax write-off for your business, so it will cost you a little less at the end of the day.

Free email hosting won’t cost you a cent.

Now think about these questions:

  • Are you losing business because of your shitty Gmail or Hotmail address?

  • Would you gain more business if your branding gave you more credibility [Read: make you look less dodgy]?

Suddenly $100 a year is nothing!

You’ll probably make it back after a customer or two – customers you didn’t have in the first place!

If you’re running with a free email account for your freelance, small or medium business, consider paying for a domain and email hosting.

You don’t even need to make a website – just park the domain and work up an email address. That’s what I did for years before getting this site up.

In a sponsored post, I would tell you where to get a great deal on domains and email hosting. With a link here. (There's no link). But this isn’t a paid post and therefore no names!

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