Your Audience Is One Person

Every touch point is your chance to connect with your audience.

You’re always going to be talking to one person, so talk to them and only them!

The screengrab is one I spotted a while back for Anytime Fitness. It’s an ok piece of creative and its message is straightforward. I’m only using it to highlight how you should write for one person – even for a broad audience.

In this Anytime creative, you could remove the ‘Australia’ and it will still make sense. While you might not see improved results by removing ‘Australia’ for this example, you might for other pieces of creative.

It’s more personal

First, my name isn't Australia. Removing it will help you connect with your audience one-on-one. It’s almost like sitting them down across the table from you to tell them about a product.

It connects at an emotional level

Not everyone has had cancer but I bet you know someone who was affected by it in some way. Think about your relationship with them. How you felt when you found out they had cancer. How you felt when they passed away or recovered.

If you dipped back into your memory bank while reading, you’ve proved my point.

Another example would be the pink elephant experiment.

Do not think of a pink elephant. I bet you just thought of a pink elephant.

Now, if I said “Australia, think of someone affected by cancer”, you might not have the same reaction as you did earlier because you didn’t feel like you needed to.

It makes people responsible

When you know there are more people around, you’re less likely to respond. In a lecture theatre, you’ll be less likely to raise your hand to answer a question compared to a small meeting or a personal conversation.

The Murder of Kitty Genovese is an example of this. Kitty was murdered. Heaps of people saw. No one did anything because each person thought someone else would do something about it.

Let’s go back to the gym creative. It’s hard to get people who want to go to the gym to actually get changed and through the door, let alone people who aren’t motivated to sign up in the first place.

Writing for one person will place full responsibility on them and make them feel something while still hitting a large audience. It’s simple, it’ll save a word in your copy and it could see a slight increase in signups.

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