What's ONE Thing You Do Well?

Use that ONE thing to help you stand out

You are AWESOME at something.

That's as motivating as I get.

You (as a person or a business) have at least one thing going for you. That's your point of difference. Try to figure what you do better than everyone else AKA your competitors.

In a job application sense, you're up against people who probably have the same skills as you BUT, you're awesome at that one thing you do and you should use that to your advantage.

There are heaps of copywriters out there with more experience than me. Why would you get me on your project?

I'm curious. I'm awesome at being curious. As a result, I never say "it's too hard".

In my personal life:

I saw a teenage girl with a unicycle and thought "I want to learn to ride one". When I got home, I bought one online. It arrived a few days later and I thought "Ok, how am I going to do this?" Now I can ride a unicycle and I'm starting to learn to ride a skateboard. I like to accept challenges without any idea of how I'll accomplish it or how it will turn out.

In my work life:

This curious trait of mine has helped with the development and execution of some of the biggest and most effective campaigns. Someone said "Let's do this thing that's never been done before" and I said "Sure. I don't know how to do it, but let's give it a go."

That's enough about me.

What do you do better than anyone else?

Can you use an example from your personal life to highlight a quality in your work life?

Remember, everyone brags about being good under pressure, including those people who SUCK under pressure. Everyone bangs on about how they're a quick learner. Everyone knows how to use Word.

There's something that you do better than anyone else.

In a business sense, service isn't a point of difference unless you can prove it with numbers or other evidence - everyone claims to have good service. The size of your car park isn't one either - if you're awesome at what you do, people will catch public transport.

A good start might be to think about why you started doing what you do.

It might take a bit of self-reflection to discover what makes you stand out from the crowd, but there is something. Now exploit that quality ;)

For over 10 years, I've seen companies (and individuals) try to advertise the wrong message, when they should've been highlighting their point of difference. I can help you. Contact me here.

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