Wait... Does Your Audience Care?

I wanna help you avoid a simple mistake when creating content.

It all comes back to “does my audience care about this?”

I worked on a piece for a real estate agent who was giving tips when bidding at auction. My job was to trim a spiel down.

The content was great but there was one thing that missed the mark.

He started talking about what he likes to see at an auction and compared them to starting a fire.

Start with smaller sticks to start the fire and add larger logs as it becomes more established. So, as an auctioneer, he likes to see smaller bids which lead to larger ones.

It’s obvious why – a large bid first up is like a mic-drop and stops the flow, whereas tiny bids build momentum and the property could sell for more than it should in all the excitement.

It’s a great analogy but someone who is buying a house doesn’t really care.

That analogy helps a buyer understand the psychology of the auctioneer but doesn’t help them place a bid.

Ask: Does my audience care about this?

I would use that analogy to drum up business as it shows that he knows what he’s doing. It’s just a small pivot so it’s not wasted on the wrong audience.

Next time you’re writing, filming or creating content, you really need to ask “does my audience care about this?”

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