There Is No Creative Club

HEAPS of people, both 'creative' and 'not creative' believe there's a club/cult/organisation that you have to join before you can start working on creative projects.

It's as if you need to prove how creative you are to be accepted.

I don't mean to ruin your day, but there's no such thing as a Creative Club.

There's no secret list, there's no liquid you can drink and no class to take that will make you *creative* . Why? Because EVERYONE is creative.

I have made a career of being creative. I write and develop radio advertising campaigns and native digital campaigns, so you would assume that I'm creative.

See some of that work here.

But hang on! I can't music. I enjoy listening to it. I know what I like but I can't compose or analyse. In a music sense, I'm not creative... but I'm still creative in an ideas and writing sense.

Now think about someone who works in a bank.

Bankers are seen as boring people, but every year banks around the world report profits of billions of dollars.

It seems that people who work for banks are creative - they can invent new ways to take our money!

Just because you're not creative in one area, it doesn't mean you're not creative in others. You're probably creative in an area you're an expert in.

It's good to note that everyone unleashes their creativity in different ways. Some people like to think of ideas while in a bland boardroom. Some like to go for a run. Unfortunately, a lot of decision makers believe one size fits all.

Ok, I admit that some people might be more creative than others. But those who claim to be 'not creative at all' might not have been given (or given themselves) the chance to let ideas flow!

You can improve your creativity!

How do you become more creative? Well, that depends on what works for you, some trial and error will help you figure that out.

Remember, you can't run a marathon without building up to the distance. You have to start by running a kilometre, then push yourself out to two... and keep pushing until you can run 42km.

Creativity is like the muscles you use to run a marathon. The more you push yourself, the more creative you'll become!

As you become more creative, you'll find yourself thinking of ideas quicker!

Does creativity really mean thinking outside the box?

Yeah, it's correct, but creativity also requires you to think inside the box.

Outside the box implies that you need to think of blue-sky or wacky ideas. But you can't always do that. Brand and budget restraints are only a couple of things that will put a dampener on outside-of-the-box thinking.

Sometimes creative restrictions can help you come up with great ideas. You might have to use logic to think about squishing your blue-sky idea into something realistic. How can you do that? And can you do it for quarter of the price?

To be creative, you need to hang with creative people.

I would say that you should hang with people who push you further as a person. When you're looking for inspiration and ideas, you might find that people who you wouldn't normally associate with can help you think of different things.

How can an oil rigger help think of a new way to market dolls to young girls? You probably wouldn't invite him to the brainstorm... but he could have a daughter who loves dolls. His sister might have collected them. The oil rigger who you passed over could say something about his life which unlocks some part of your brain.

After all these years, I still can't work out why people try to shun others.

Are creative people scared that others will figure out how to do their job?

Could it be because creativity isn't exactly tangible? How does one prove that their ideas are awesome? Creativity and its quality is very subjective.

I don't know where this false perception came from but it puts unnecessary pressure on everyone.

I do know how to be creative and write. Please feel free to contact me with any freelance opportunities.

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