The Project Is A Failure

Yeah, I know that title is an inaccurate hyperbole. Hear me out.

Studies have been conducted that pigeonhole men into different categories.

I'm going to share two with you. Stick with me. I have a point!

One category is where you'll find men who are homophobic and racist. They're probably more toward the 'casual' end of the scale, however, they might actually believe some extreme thoughts. They're also the kind of guy who is homophobic but as soon as their son or daughter comes out, all of a sudden they're flying a rainbow flag. They might say they hate other races... but one of their best mates is an Indian guy.

A characteristic of these men is that they don't like to be lectured to. If you want them to get on-board, you need to put yourself in their shoes and talk with them like they're a mate.

Another category is a more 'accepting' man. If there's one broad, sweeping stereotype, they're probably like a hipster. They tend to be a little more educated. To be frank, this is where the research falls down, because there are a lot of smart men with backward views. The main thing is that these men accept everyone for who they are. And when it comes to issues, they love to show off how much they know and will preach to anyone who'll listen.


The Project has a bunch of very smart people on the panel. Waleed and Carrie + whoever joins them that night.

Waleed is in the latter category. He's smart and accepting. Carrie is too and I'm sure we can pigeonhole her in a female version of this study.

I love how The Project makes issues easier to take in, which is why so many people watch it each night. According to this research, if the latter category is more educated, then the former is less so. The Project helps the less educated understand complex and important issues.

So here we are. We have a show that can educate and change the views of a nation. But think about all of the above. The host (Waleed) is smart and more than happy to lecture to an audience, but part of that audience hates being lectured to. Therefore he's not going to change the minds of the men he's trying to persuade. At no point does he come across as a mate and he's brushed off.

Let's take a look at the interview (below) after Margaret Court said some homophobic things. Instead of letting her air her opinion and then try to get her to come around, the hosts talk over her and tell her she's wrong.

If a homophobic man was watching the interview, a bunch of people were telling him he's wrong. At no point is he going to change his mind because at no point are the hosts his mate. If anything, they're offending him. Ironic how he probably offends the LGBTI+ crowd...

We know that a lot of men don't like to be spoken to and that a lot of men like to show how educated they are. The Project's hosts have a chance to educate and challenge the views of so many australians. Instead they waste each opportunity by forcing their opinions down the throats of their viewers.

When it comes to writing, you need to keep your audience in mind because if your content offends your reader or audience, like how The Project can and does, you're wasting your time.

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