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Saving you from wasting time on how to manage time more effectively

What the actual fuck is with the internet? This article bangs on for FIFTEEN points that will take you likkkkeeee... I dunno... 10 minutes to read. What a great use of time that is. Here's a summary + my improvements.

Audit your day/week/month/year

You can't improve what you can't measure. Take a look at where and how you're spending your time. Are you bleeding time? Do you need to attend that meeting? Does it have to be IRL? Can you delegate certain tasks?

Find your sweet spot

Are you a morning person, a night owl? Take advantage of that time when you feel most alive. Whilst that might feel accurate, it's bullshit. You identify as a morning person/night owl and you talk yourself into acting like it.

Block out your calendar to get shit done

Basically block out a couple of hours where you won't be interrupted - no phone calls, your phone on focus mode, and ensure there's no chance of meetings or appointments popping up during your precious time.


In the way that you can listen to a podcast while you run, socialise over the phone while you drive. The article is careful to call it "marrying tasks" because multitasking is ineffective. But let's call a spade a spade.

It then goes on to say to "single-task" over "multitasking". They could have married two points to save you time. It's coming from the POV that you should remove distractions, and focus on tasks that need your focus. Without that focus, you're going to mess something up.


Create FAQ docs. Develop some kind of directory. And no doubt you might be able to actually automate.

Do the Pomodoro

You know the old 25 mins on, 5 mins off trick? I reckon it's one if you find yourself not being focussed in the first place. You'd hate to break a flow state when your alarm goes off. The article also tells you to just get into a flow state like it's as simple as flicking the switch on a kettle.

Enter the Matrix

There's a thing called the Eisenhower Matrix. Allow me to sum it up.

  • Do whatever needs to be done. Important/urgent.

  • Schedule important but not urgent tasks.

  • Delegate the shit you can't be fucked doing. Nah. It's urgent, unimportant tasks.

  • Delete anything that's not important and not urgent.

Andddd... look, I'm going to end it there. The article is literally a waste of time. Some gems, which are above. Now get back to doing something actually worthwhile.


I've got plenty to share. If you'd like me to touch on something, send a request via the contact page!

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