Rip Off A Joke, Do It Well

These days a funny line on Reddit will be turned into a meme. That meme will be copied and quoted so many times, Chinese Whispers-style, that it loses all meaning and the author is forgotten, and credited to someone else.

I hate that. Everyone should be credited for their work. If you steal a joke, phrase it as “Robin Williams once said…”

I know that thought places me firmly

in the minority.

This meme was posted by an Australian radio station spruiking a trip to America. They’ve taken the words in this meme from, I assume, an American. If you’re going to steal a joke (and not credit the source) you might as well change it for your audience. Aussies don’t say ‘sweat pants’ we call them ‘trackies’.

I would also remove 'just' from the first line. It's a redundant word, it's tighter and would make it more visually appealing.

See why 'just' can ruin your life here.

Ripping off a meme is lazy and poor content creation. Not tailoring it to your audience is lazier.

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