Problems With Solutions

I don’t know why businesses think adding ‘solutions’ to a business name or slogan is a good thing.

You might see “electrical solutions”, “lighting solutions”, “all your medical solutions”.

“Solution” makes it seem like you’re helping with a problem – which, if you’re a company which focusses on services, you’re probably going to deal with providing solutions – awesome!

What if your customer is upgrading? They don’t have a problem as such…

I would rather use that word to talk about what your business does.

e.g. “Everything electrical”. If your business doesn’t do everything electrical, maybe you could list services you do offer e.g. “Lighting, wiring, upgrades”.

This sounds a lot like what I said about one-stop-shops.

Another reason why I’m not a fan of “solutions”: It’s not casual. No one has ever asked a friend for “electrical solutions” but they have asked for a “good sparky”. With that in mind, why wouldn’t you change the business slogan to “A bloody awesome sparky”?

Now that’s off my chest, I’m available for freelance work. Contact me here with any opportunities.

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