One Voice, Your Enemy

In the improv world, it's your "editor", or "sensor". That little voice in your head that stops you from saying something stupid.

It's almost like the teeny voice is a security guard sitting at the tip of your tongue to stop you at the last minute.

Sometimes it falls asleep, resulting in your foot becoming lodged in your mouth, and someone else's foot becoming lodged in your butt.

This is the same voice that tells you that your idea isn't good enough, or the words that you're writing aren't the right ones.

Look, that little "editor" could be right... but what if they're wrong?

When you're doing anything 'creative', listening to that little voice is the worst.

I hate referring to tasks as 'creative'. See why here.

The little voice doesn't want you to take risks. It doesn't want you to embarrass yourself. It wants you to do what you've always done. When you're being creative, you need to do what you haven't done before!

I've been in brainstorms where an idea came to me in the first 2 minutes. My editor told me it wasn't great. Half an hour later, someone came up with the same idea, which the room agreed was in the right direction. Someone then built on the idea and that's the idea we ran with.

Imagine how much time we would have saved, and the amount of credit I would have received if I had shut that voice up!

When you have writer's block, a technique to get rolling again is to fill a blank piece of paper with words, dot points etc. Even at this not-even-draft stage, your "editor" will tell you that you shouldn't use *that* word *there*. Shut that voice up and you'll find yourself back in your groove.

You could have a brilliant idea for a business. Your editor will tell you that it won't work. Quieten it down. Get your idea on paper. Give it some time and air, and it might develop into your million (or billion) dollar idea.

If you can quieten that voice, you'll find yourself being more spontaneous.

I don't mean that you'll start impulse-booking Contiki Tours through Eastern-Europe.... welllllll, you might - especially if that's the idea your editor has been shutting down for a while.

I do mean that you will start thinking of ideas quicker, you'll become a quicker writer and you'll improve your wit, among other things.

Be careful, you don't want to shut your editor out completely, because you could start offending people.

Start shutting down your editor from right now and see what you can achieve!

I have been quieting that editor to come up with ideas for years. See some of that work here.

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