"Mention This Ad"

Advertisers need to measure how well their campaign worked - to see if the activity was worth the investment... ya know, ROI etc.

Some advertisers don't know the right way/s to measure, and, as a result, use the wrong method.

Here are a couple of cliches (with a focus on radio).

"Mention this ad and get 10% off"

The offer is to encourage listeners to mention the ad in-store.

The idea is that as soon as a customer says they heard the ad on radio, a staff member will duck into the back office and jot down which station the ad was heard on.

The issues:

1. This line makes the commercial sound terrible, especially if the ad is creative. It acts as a handbrake.

2. A lot of listeners don't know which station they listen to - especially if they flick around.

If a company is running ads on different stations at the same time, a customer could say they heard the spot on a station they weren't actually listening to, therefore skewing the data.

Possible solution:

Instead, your message should be something like: "ask how you can get 10% off..."

Once a customer tells staff that they heard an ad, the staff member should then follow up with "which station did you hear it on?"

"Tell them I sent you..."

The issues:

Unless the person saying that line has some sort of agreement in place, I would avoid using that. Regardless, it sounds dodgy.

It draws on what I said above in "Mention this ad".

Possible solution:

Don't say it at all. Spend more time selling the product or business.

"Use the promo code..."

This is obviously to see if a radio ad pushing online sales actually worked...

The issue:

People probably won't remember the promo code PRTYLYF0817

Possible solution:

If you NEED to do it this way, make the code as simple as possible, like "PARTY"

"You can lead a horse to water..."

An advertising campaign can help increase foot traffic, but if staff can't convert a customer's interest into a sale, it proves two things: The campaign worked, and that the staff can't close a deal.

I don't recommend using messaging in a commercial to find out if radio (or any other media) works. Instead of incorporating any of the above in a commercial, I would run the ads and look for an increase in traffic (foot or web etc).

If there's more traffic and not an increase in sales, a business might need to look at its staff, product or service.

I have worked on a lot of campaigns over the years. Some of my work is here. Please contact me with any freelance opportunities - I'd love to help your business succeed!

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