LinkedIn Cuts Your Titl...

A lot of LinkedIn experts seem to have no idea.

I haven't received advice from one, but I've noticed that a lot of people have.

One tip is to not say what your role is, but to list a couple of great qualities you have.

"Iain Duguid - Passionate, effective, results driven."

It looks ok on a computer, but on a mobile it might look like:

"Iain Duguid - Passionate, effecti..."

I would rather see what a person does, so I prefer this:

"Iain Duguid - Creative Copywriter, Native Content Creator - Passionate, effective, results driven."

Even if LinkedIn cuts off my description, it still says what I do.

Some people write a sentence in there like "I lead various projects which see an improvement of..." and it's cut off. You could phrase it better by saying "Improved projects by 300%."

Learn more about word economy here.

Another thing to mention: Show your point of difference. What sets you apart from everyone else? I'm certain EVERYONE looking for a job would describe themselves as passionate, effective and results driven.

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