Feedback: Stick To Your Strategy And Voice

Today, news has been spreading about an eight-year-old girl who passed away from the Flu.

I'm intrigued why Terry White Chemist Knox posted the update to the right.

"Sad emoji, so sad...."

Was it written by an 18-year-old? What's the benefit of this update for it's followers?

Perhaps TWCK need to ask themselves what their strategy is. And when they do post, think about the words (and emojis) they use. A pharmacy should be credible and knowledgeable, not trying to be cool.

I don't like the idea of profiting from the death of a child, but what could have made this post a million times better is if TWCK posted some kind of call to action with the 7 News video.

Something as simple as:

"We're sad to hear this news.

If you have any questions about the flu, vaccinations or need treatment advice, please come into Terry White Chemist Knox. Our pharmacists are in-store every day and are always happy to help."

This example of a better update gives you a reason to post the update in the first place - a chemist isn't a news source.

This news might leave people with questions like "Is it too late to get the flu vax?"... "Is the vax even effective?"... Inviting customers in-store for professional advice will help anyone who might be freaking out, while promoting a couple of services.

If you are going to post anything, make sure it's going to benefit your business and your followers. Having a basic strategy will help you avoid poor updates like this form TWCK.

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