Don't Be Funny

What an odd headline!

Everyone loves to laugh, so why am I telling you to avoid being funny?

I'm not telling you to stop being who you are. To explain, I need you to think about your favourite comedian or comedy TV show or film.

Does everyone find that comedian or comedy funny? I bet you've spoken to someone who HATES who, or what you love. That's because comedy is subjective.

When you write a joke in your copy, it needs to be a solid joke. Well structured, a good punchline. 100% funny joke. But some people won't laugh.

If one joke falls flat, you might lose your audience... you might not, they might forgive you. Might. If your second joke fails... well... you'll probably lose your reader/listener/viewer.

I don't have time for people who I don't find funny - especially when they're trying too hard to be funny. On that, if you're not a funny person, I would avoid cracking jokes.

Instead of being funny. Be fun!

There's something infectious about people having fun. If you're having fun, your audience will have fun with you!

No one can say you're not funny when you're not trying to be.

I'll draw on Hamish and Andy at this point. I think of them as more 'fun' than 'funny'. We hear (and see) two blokes having a good time and as a result, they make you feel included, therefore you have a good time too.

Laughing is a nice little side-effect of having fun, which is why they're known as 'funny'. At no point are they trying to formulate jokes like a comedian - they're called comedians because they've made a career out of making people enjoy themselves.

Some people don't find the boys funny... but they still engage with their content because they enjoy it.

Instead of trying to be funny, provide your audience with a good time. If they laugh, they laugh! And that's a win!

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