Close The One-Stop-Shop

The phrase “One Stop Shop” has to be one of the most frustrating.

When a business says they’re a one stop shop, they’re saying they’re like a general store. You park the car, walk in and find everything you ever wanted in the one place. What a world we live in!

Why do I hate the phrase? You could use better word economy.

Brush up on “word economy” here.

Let’s say the copy was for an auto parts store and said:

“Your one stop shop for all auto parts and accessories”.

Why do you need to say “one stop shop” when the store has everything? The copy says they stock all parts and accessories! Remove those three words and you’ll have more room to talk about the business.

The phase is also cheesy and should stay in the decade in which it was coined.

I can help make your copy less cheesy. Contact me for any freelance opportunities here.

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