Use Real Testimonials

I got really annoyed at the post from Tophatter to the right because it's clearly not from a user.

The text reads:

"I was a skeptic but I just bid on and purchased my first two items yesterday and its [sic] truly an addicting experience! Not to mention everything starts out at RIDICULOUSLY low prices. The sellers are friendly and both my items have already been shipped. I seriously can't give this app enough praise. Plus they'll send you a reminder before an item you want goes up to auction so you don't miss out. 5 stars all the way!!"

We don't actually know that it's from a user, but you can make it look a little more legit by tacking a name to the end, even if it's as simple as "Iain, Melbourne, Australia."

There are too many thoughts and a lot of text. I can't tell why they've decided to use all of those 77 words to say not a lot.

I would make it more casual, or how real people really speak.

  • Shoppers buy, they don't make a purchase.

  • When people talk about their experience, they should be talking in the past tense. The Tophatter post/testimonial speaks in both past and present.

  • Add a little emotion - use phrases like "I loved...".

  • Bunch similar thoughts together.

  • Trim the text down AKA use better word economy.

All that said, I would write something like:

"I didn't believe how RIDICULOUSLY low the prices would be until I bought my first two items yesterday. The sellers were friendly and my items have already been shipped. I loved how they sent a reminder before the items I wanted went to auction so I didn't miss out. I seriously can't give this app enough praise. 5 stars all the way!!"

Tophatter User, Melbourne, Australia-

They're only slight changes, but my version reads a little better. Even if that testimonial was legitimate, you can always edit poor grammar etc. Poor writing makes your customers look uneducated, and it seems like the uneducated use your business' services, which, I assume is not on-brand for your brand.

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