I Honestly Believe You Need To Understand My Opinion

I bang on about word economy all the time and I'll bang on about it again and again.

What is word economy?

Social media is terrible for using redundant words. I have listed some below with an explanation for each.

I Believe

When a reader is taking in your writing, they are assuming you believe whatever you've said. The statement: "I believe that kids should not have to go to school."

Is the same as: "Kids should not have to go to school."

The latter sounds stronger. 'I believe' makes the rest of the statement sound weak."


Similar to 'believe', it's assumed that you are being honest. If you need to clarify, does it mean that everything else you've said has been a lie? Are you a big fat liar?

Both Together

The phrase 'I honestly believe' is a joke. When was the last time you dishonestly believed?

Use better word economy and make your work sound stronger.

I'm good at word economy and I'm a freelancer! Feel free to get in touch here.

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