Make A Simple Message Engaging

A little piece of me dies every time I see a company waste money on poor content.

Getting someone's attention is the hardest part of advertising and content creation. Once you catch someone's eye and/or ear, you'd better reward them with something!

People value their time and if you give them an excuse, they will lose interest in your content - that's why I always say that you should keep your audience engaged at all times. I'm talkin' every word, second, minute.

I don't like to identify brands or people when analysing their work, but I can't share my thoughts on this piece of creative for IGA Liquor without doing so.

Frame One

I'm not going to click something because it tells me to. Maybe I've been scarred by those spam banner ads telling me that I am the 1 millionth visitor.

Give me a reason to click. I don't know who it's for or why I should click. If that's the only frame I see, I'm out. You've lost a potential customer.

Frame Two

Let's say you only saw the ad at 'for some great specials'... It doesn't tell you who is offering great specials (assuming someone is offering specials!) or what you should do to take advantage of them.

With this frame, you might get me to linger a little to see who the ad is for. Might. And that's only because I'm interested in advertising. What about 99.98% of the population who doesn't care? I bet you've lost them.

Copy-wise: I hate the use of 'some'. Some of the specials are great? There are only a couple of specials? Why can't we just say 'for great specials'?

Frame Three

"IGA Liquor". Awesome. And...?

All this frame does is act as a brand mention.


Your audience needs to see all three frames for the ad to be effective. At 2 seconds per frame, they need to give you 6 seconds of their time. Apparently someone's attention span is less than 10 seconds these days.

I would cut down the copy and run two frames. There's a little too much to squeeze all the info into one frame.

Excuse my Photoshopping (I have moved around parts of the ad) and lack of Art Director for their design skills.

Disclaimer aside, I would run this:

I'll say it once more: Use every chance you have to appeal to your audience. If you lose them - or don't grab them in the first place, you've lost a potential client/customer.

I have been helping businesses with their advertising for the best part of a decade. See some of my work here. If you'd like me to freelance for you, contact me here.

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