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Iain Duguid is an experienced copywriter and content creator for Medical Practices and doctors in Australia, having produced highly effective, professional phone messaging including IVRs (Interactive Voice Recordings) and bespoke on hold content for GP Practices and Consultant Rooms.

He can update the words on your website or work with your designers if you're starting from scratch.

Iain also specialises in radio advertising writing and production, having worked within commercial production teams at Fox FM & Triple M, and Nine Entertainment.

Over 15 years in media, Iain has developed a strong network of experts, ranging from Sound Engineers and Video Editors, to Animators and Graphic Designers. So, if you have an idea but don't know where to start, just reach out. Iain can introduce you to a professional, or will manage the project on your behalf.


Procedure information
Clinic contact details



Promote your Practice

on radio, or anywhere.

Phone On
Hold Messaging

High-quality, professional phone messaging.

Seamlessly direct calls and provide patients with

vital information

while on hold.

Website copy

Populate your Practice

or personal website with:


Educate patients with

a simple animated video.


Tell others about Iain.


You'll receive a discount
they'll receive one too.


Got an idea?

Let's make it happen.

E.g. Podcast (limited availability)

Tap into a network of the best Australian media professionals.

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