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A career writing for radio and audio mediums, but not this only trick possessed by this pony!


If you don't know the crypto exchange FTX, you might be one of many! FTX is doing great work going mainstream, but I thought there was a gap in their activity. This was before FTX created their own TVC with Tom Brady in 2021. I should stress that the below 'campaign' was purely proactive on my part and never live.

Creative: Iain Duguid

Art Director: Bryan Riley

As easy as...

Anecdotally, a lot of people - especially women - believe that crypto is a fad, that trading is hard, and crypto is a form of gambling. 

We know that trading with FTX is as easy as predicting if "I'm 5 minutes away" means "I'm just hopping in the shower", and as easy as predicting if the next song on Spotify shuffle will be a banger.


Creative would appeal to those who aren't yet on FTX by allowing the non-trading public to feel confident in the future of crypto, and therefore, FTX.

224116947_2082149061948902_2384163772889464551_n (1).jpg

A wingman, but for your portfolio

We know that FTX's Customer Support team is way better than competitors, and it's improving.


This creative is rather self-explanatory, and the intention is for something like this to be in a bar - a bathroom wall or drink coaster. 

225216452_446058869707969_6840450733154257737_n (1).png

Buy it, you've earned it

What happens when your trade has set up camp on the moon? You'd probably like to spend it using the FTX Card.* (In the US etc etc etc)

Then we back it up with some FTX branding material. Perhaps a little off-brand (and lacking Tom Brady) but this is to appeal to the regular public.

228620128_1077057719367813_8767825642015021407_n (1).jpg

Iain Duguid

Yeah, for myself. Everyone on LinkedIn says "I'm proud to announce that I've been made redundant and am looking for work" - so bbooorrriinnnggg. 

Here's a fun way to say that I'm now available to do whatever - a free agent, if you will. In HOLOGRAPHIC trading card form.

Everything: Iain Duguid

ID Free Agent Card - front.png
ID Free Agent Card - back.png
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