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Here are some highlights.

Do you really want to read a blog that was written purely for SEO, with no
intention of being read? That has been most of my work.
Let's ignore them for now and focus on some other stuff!


I was involved in rebranding Image On Line's website.


A challenge for the business is people thinking that they can create audio themselves. I developed the line "Improve your sound, expand your brand" to target those who think they can DIY, who don't understand what quality is, and to encourage those who once did it themselves to spend the money to do it right this time.

This theme carries on throughout the website (as of 31/1/22)

Writer: Iain Duguid

Website developer: BSO Digital

Image Banner .jpg
Blog Content: I have written content for a range of businesses that specialise in window replacement, incontinence, and retail (hospitality).

Here's a mock sponsored blog for Bunnings Garden products!

Web Content: When working for Southern Cross Austereo, I was involved in producing native commercial content. Remember when listicles were a thing? It also included videos, editorials, blogs etc. My work improved the quality of native advertising digitally and socially on Triple M and the Hit Network.
Their websites have since been redeveloped, and content lost. Believe me, clients were happy. 
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